This is where we are working
and people with whom we are working with.


Young poor people

Young Poor people mostly women make their daily bread by selling Firewood and charcoal in
Addis Ababa and other towns.

Young Poor people

Poor household

Poor household dwelling in slum and shacks (houses that need total replacement) area in
Addis Ababa. This is a situation that many families experience all over the country.

Poor household


Collecting water from commonly owned water source in RPC school compound Ethiopia has an ample supply of water, with large lakes, 12 river basins, and a sizable underground water reservoir. The problem is rather the utilization and distribution of this resource.

Collecting water

Environmental degradation

Environmental degradation is costly in all its aspects
(erosion, flood and drought lowers agricultural output)


RPC School

Children at RPC School and we provide with good education

Children at RPC School


Unemployed and disguised employed young people stand around market place in search
of Jobs


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Poor people at the get of their dwelling place About 70-90 percent of the urban population living in sub-standard housing, and growing by 4 percent per year, the housing challenge is massive. One study estimates a need for as much as 2.25 million units by 2015.