Sunday school teachers from 11 different denominational churches gathered regularly, under the umbrella of Evangelical churches Fellowship of Nazareth. These young men and women under the leadership of Samuel Assefa had their own prayer and meeting time. One day in January 1999, the teachers talked about this. They said, “Let’s pray for street children.” They prayed and received a vision to reach holistically (physically as well as spiritually). This is how “Remember the Poorest Community (RPC)” was established”. RPC is one of the ministries called by GOD to make His visitation for Ethiopia real. Currently RPC has the following programs:

  1. Orphan and     Vulnerable Children support
    program (603 children)
  2. Street Children reintegration and
    rehabilitation program (100 children)
  3. Education program (179 Kindergarten children)
  4. Beggar women rehabilitation program and
  5. HIV/AIDS prevention and care giving program


General Information

Ethiopia enjoys 13 months of sunshine.
There are snow-capped mountain tops,
Mediterranean type of climate, temperate
climate, tropical weather, and hot desert-like areas. Ethiopia is a country with a rich ancient religious tradition. We find this country mentioned more than 40 times in the Bible. Despite the fact that the people have been suffering from continuous famine, disease, poverty and war, we believe that God has given promise of a bright future for
the land. About 38 million of Ethiopia’s children,
that is, half of the population, struggle to survive.
Out of the children that are below the age of five, 22% die of minor and curable diseases. 46%
of the children do not have access to medical attention. There are about 200 thousand
children that live on the street.
Among the children that live in the
urban centers, 500 thousand do not
have any access to formal education.

Those children who have the opportunity to get some kind of education learn in very congested classroom situation with 100 students in one class.