What makes RPC stand out among other childcare organizations?

As a RPC sponsor, you’ll discover RPC’s distinctive values:

  • A focus on child development: Our program targets the needs of individual children first. Many organizations focus on needs of the community first. Both approaches have value we also use both of them according to the sponsors interest. We believe RPC’s emphasis reminds everyone — staff, sponsor and child alike — that everything we do is based on the needs of the children we serve.
  • Working exclusively through local churches and Christian fellowships: We want sponsored children to view the benefits of RPC sponsorship as an expression of God’s love for them. We also want to equip the Body of Christ in the countries where we work with effective child development ministries so that church leaders and members around the world can become effective child advocates in their communities.
  • A goal of child discipleship: We believe the most loving thing we can do for children is to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Here’s why:
    1.    When children discover their worth to God, their self-esteem blossoms.
    2.    Children who recognize their roles as disciples are a strategic part of today’s Church.
    3.    Children discipled in the Word and ways of God become our most potent weapon against tomorrow’s poverty because they are tomorrow’s Church.

Our goal, then, is to take a child from the brink of disaster  to abundant life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.