How did RPC begin and what is its current status?

In January 1999 an invitation letter was sent out to eleven of the evangelical churches affiliated with the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Nazareth to hold a convention.  The convention was on orphan, vulnerable, street children and homeless young people.  On the final day of the seminar, twenty-eight participants remained as the Sunday school teachers committee.  All twenty-eight participants went out to witness to street people and many of the street children witnessed to were willing to accept Christ as their Savior and come to church the following day to receive instruction on the Word of God and have a fellowship meal.  The final day of the seminar was a Friday and that evening the participants agreed to continue the work of serving these street people and money was collected.  With this money it was agreed to buy food for the homeless young people for the next few meetings.  On Saturday over two hundred homeless young people and street children attended the meeting.  They listened to the preaching of the word in earnest.  The first meeting was held in North Nazareth Meserete Kristos Church compound.  But the next meeting was held in Genet Church because the location of that church was central to many of the street people.

Given RPC’s reputation and goodwill services in Adama/Nazareth city, RPC was approached by the Regional Administrative authorities of Adama/ Nazareth in late 2001. At that meeting it was suggested that we look in to the possibility of intervening to assist in tackling the growing number of orphan, vulnerable and street children in Ethiopia. Since the registration of RPC with the Federal Government of Ethiopian as a local NGO, currently the Organization works in close connection with the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Nazareth (ECFN).  RPC is now in the process of putting in place different projects to be implemented in Ethiopia.
Nearly two thousand and five hundred children have been rehabilitated and supported through RPC. RPC’s Christian commitment has never waned.  We are keenly aware of the part we can play in fulfilling the Great Commission. All of our employees are committed followers of Jesus Christ, dedicated to developing children worldwide — and we are working exclusively through local churches and fellowships.

At present, RPC serves over 453 orphan children, 400 street and vulnerable children, 400 widows and beggar women in our poverty stricken country, Ethiopia.