Through Family Sponsorship, RPC’s sponsorship program, your family now has the unique opportunity to bring joy and hope to a family in need on the other side of the globe.Building on RPC’s 6 years of changing lives through child sponsorship and community development initiatives, Family Sponsorship brings long-lasting, self-sustaining improvements to help lift generations out of poverty.

Blessings for generations

Your sponsorship will make a world of difference for parents and children caught in the cycle of poverty. Your own family will also benefit as you walk alongside your sponsored family and begin to build a relationship with them. Your children will learn invaluable lessons about caring, sharing, and cultures around the world.


– Many families in sponsorship communities lack adequate shelter. They often live in broken-down structures needing repair. RPC provides families with the financing and assistance needed to make improvements to their homes.

Kebele 06 School

It was between 1988 and 1989 that this school was founded. The founding of the school was made possible by the generosity of a wealthy benefactor with the full cooperation of the entire community. Also, it should be remembered that this school was established with the aim of teaching the children of the very poor in Kebele (administrative sections of town) 18 and 19 at the time. However, it cannot be said that the initial good intention of educating the children of the very poor free of charge did not come true because the co9mmunity lacked the necessary resources, financial or otherwise, to run the school properly.

Now, however, in consultation with the authorities of Kebele 06, Remember the Poorest Community (RPC), a local NGO established with the express purpose of helping orphans, street and vulnerable children, has undertaken the responsibility of running the school for the next ten years in accordance with a contract signed with the legitimate representatives of Kebele 06.

  1. The school is located in what used to be called Kebele 19, now incorporated in Kebele 06.
  2. The area of the school compound is about 1,450 square meters. It is surrounded by a stone wall. It is bounded on one side by a private home and on the other by a garage and in the back by a big hotel, Palace Hotel.
  3. There are seven classrooms, their sizes ranging from 6.50 to 12 square meters.
  4. Currently, there are two office rooms.
  5. There are four restrooms and two shower rooms.
  6. There are twelve windows with metal frames and glass fixtures.
  7. There are thirteen rooms with six wooden doors and seven metal doors.

Missing Things in the School

  1. Additional Class rooms
  2. A guard-room
  3. A storeroom
  4. A dinning-room for the pupils
  5. A staff-room
  6. A water tank
How does sponsorship help a family?

Your $40 monthly gift ensures that families are equipped with the resources needed to rise out of poverty and pursue their dreams.
Key interventions include:

  • Education RPC provides the crucial resources for children to attend and remain in school, as well as materials to build and repair those schools. Children finally have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and potential.
  • Food and Agriculture Children’s tiny bodies are especially susceptible to malnutrition and hunger. RPC provides access to food for reliable, nutritious food supplies.
  • Health Care RPC helps keep children and families healthy. We improve the quality and accessibility of health services with different health centers. Family gets medical attention when necessary.
  • Economic Development One of every five people lives on less than $1 a day. RPC mobilizes the vocational training and income generating activities for financial independence and opportunities to increase self-sufficiency. Children gain a more secure home and future.
  • Provide access to credit mechanisms
  • Increase their ability to generate income through trainings
  • Link them to micro financial business associations
  • Help in reducing demands on household members’ labor
    -This can free them to undertake other productive activities
  • Reduce poverty grabbing by protecting their property inheritance rights
  • Ensure access to health care services


Former women beggar selling food items