children1walk-alongside-300Through Family Sponsorship, RPC’s
sponsorship program, your family now has
the unique opportunity to bring joy and
hope to a family in need on the other
side of the globe.
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Welcome to RPC

“We remember the poor”

An RPC sponsor is someone like you who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need. As an RPC sponsor, you enable your sponsored child to participate in a church-related program that offers life-changing benefits including help with:

1. Orphan and Vulnerable Children supportprogram (603 children)2. Street Children reintegration and rehabilitationprogram (100 children) 3. Education program (179 Kindergarten children)4. Beggar women rehabilitation program and5. HIV/AIDS prevention and care giving program
family each-child-is-unique296 “They think every child who lives or makes a living in the streets is a bad child”I wish that our community and government would love us and guide us and not be ashamed of us”[street child]
Who are ‘street children’?

The term ‘street children’ is hotly debated. Some say it is negative – that it labels and stigmatizes children. Others say it gives them anon the streets with their families; live in day or night shelters; spend a lot of time in institutions (e.g. prison).

The term ‘street children’ is used because it is short and widely understood. However, we must acknowledge the problems and wherever possible we should ask the children what they think themselves. In reality, street children defy such convenient generalizations because each child is unique.  Read more >>>